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Friday, May 3, 2013

Who doesn't love shopping?

Hello ladies! I hope all of you enjoyed a day off yesterday, I certainly did! I went for a movie and some shopping! :D

I'm sure all you Karachi-ites out there have visited the famous shopping centre, Gulf. Who hasn't right? :P Gulf is where all sorts of cloth can be found, from cotton to silk to banaras to net and so on. Not only is it a place for just open cloth, but I actually found an entire floor full of laces and buttons and embroidered necklines. Likewise, there's an entire section for jewellery  garments, baby-shops, cosmetics, etc. Its not just limited to women btw, you can find lots of different cloth for men too, for their kurta shalwar or even suits. Well I was there the other day and I found quite a few items that I just couldn't stop myself from spending on, hehe. Lets have a look!

The colorful and pretty KOLAPURIS! :D Well this isn't the traditional style of what it really looks like, its with a bit of a modern touch, but aren't they so pretty? 
And the famous khussas! :D I've always loved these ever since I was a child. You know how at first these khussa's just had like a thin, paper-like, sole? But now they're like, cushioned! That makes them so comfy to wear. I honestly wear them everyday whenever I wanna run some errands. Plus they are really affordable. I got both of these chappals for around Rs. 1200. Amazing, no?

Next I got me some fashionable tights! :D
Lately, cheetah prints are SO popular, it makes me not want to wear a cheetah print :P BUT, I just couldn't stop myself. I got one pair in a cheetah print, and the other pair are a black and gold chevron tights. I thought these two I can manage to pair them up with any plain or a simple kurta. They did have a huge variety of printed and embroidered tights at around Rs. 250 each.

Unfortunately, the quality isn't too good. They aren't stretchable, making it a bit of a struggle to wear, but if you have the correct size, it looks pretty chic! I do think once you wash them, it might not have the same fit, but I haven't washed them as yet, so I'll have to find out!

Well, this was my little shopping trip to Gulf. Do go there and shop shop shop away! :D Do let me know how your experience was by commenting below!



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  2. These wonderful colorful Kolapuri chapals are just amazing, I simply loved them. I also wear these types of khussa and have always loved them. Great Work


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