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Monday, May 27, 2013

Review: MUA Lipsticks

Today I'm going to review MUA's lipsticks in Shade 1, 10 and 11!
I've been wanting to buy a few lipsticks from MUA as they were unbelievably reasonable and I read great reviews on them! So I got my mom and myself these shades so we can try them out!


Aren't they such lovely shades?

They were nicely packed and sealed when I got them. They smell yum, I don't know why but I really like the smell of lipsticks :P

Lets talk about their texture. I was so glad to see the texture of these lipsticks, they are creamy and glide on easily.  

For the two light shades that I got, you have to apply a layer or two to get the desired color. But sometimes, depending on my mood, I vary the shades and just apply it once keeping it light and natural.

I got two matte shade i.e Shade 1 and Shade 11. Shade 10 is a bit shimmery.

This is a lovely shade of dark red, but had a slight berryish pink touch to it so it looks absolutely beautiful!

Shade 10, is a soft pink. The intensity of the color can be brought by reapplying this shade as many times.

Shade 11 is quite similar to Shade 10 but I personally like this shade better as it has a more peachy tone and is a beautiful everyday wear color.
These are the swatches on my arm under yellow and white lights. 

**These are the shades on my lips**

I rate these babies a 5/5!! 
I am in LOVE with these shades and MUA, good job! I definitely recommend you to buy these, because I know you will not be disappointed :D 

I am a lip-biter, so I usually end up eating my lipstick :P But my mom  has used it once and she is in love with them! She says they last a long time unless obviously you are eating something. She usually re-applies after having a meal, but she said she didn't feel the need to re-apply as the color stayed.

I buy all MUA products from Just4girls and I am a happy customer! I bought them for Rs. 200 each, super cheap right??

My ladies, I hope you like this review and you try these lipsticks out! All the shades are gorgeous and would suit anyone and everyone! Try them out, and let me know how your experience was!

Comment below, I would love to know what you think! :) 



  1. How great is it that the bottom of these unscrew?! Just reviewed one of these today.
    Would love if we could follow each other

    1. OH MY! Yes they doo! Ha-ha! I did not know that! Thankyyouu :*

  2. Are they easily available in KHI?

    1. Unfortuntely MUA isn't availble in Pakistan yet! Although I get my MUA products from :)

  3. My favourite thing to do when I'm going out is to unscrew the bottom and mix and match with another one of the lipsticks- carrying around two shades in one! (^_^)

    1. Oooo that's quite smart! I shall do the same now! Thanks! <3

  4. Hi Naimal - I have a question for you and it might not be related to this post specifically Instead generally. My 5 years old little daughter is quite fond of make up and she usually keeps going through her mum's drawers to find nail polish, lipstick and different face powders and apply them on her self (once or twice a week maybe).... My question: Could this harm her skin in any way? I mean, her skin coming in contact with such stuff. I have no knowledge in this field but a child's skin is more vulnerable and softer than a woman, right? I am not paranoid about it, just looking for a suitable advice. Thank you in advance. Neman Ashraf

    1. Hello Neman :)

      Makeup is harmful for everyone's skin to be honest as they do contain harsh chemicals and toxins!
      Especially children's skin is super sensitive so it would react to stuff like makeup a lot quickly. I would not recommend you to let her use makeup so often. But ofcourse since she's only 5 and a girl she sees her mom or whoever apply makeup and she wants to do it too, which is perfectly normal! :) I would suggest you to maybe let her do makeup but not on herself, maybe her own mother or sister or anyone? I remember in my childhood days, I would gather all my moms makeup products and give her a makeover :D
      It is best to avoid her from using makeup at this age as it would age her skin a lot faster. However I do think a little lipstick or something once in a while on occasions like Eid or a wedding would do no harm to your daughter :)

    2. Naimal - Understood. I thank you for your helpful response, Much appreciated. By the way Congratulations. You got something productive and informative going on here. Keep it up

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  6. Agree with you MUA lipstick shades totally matches my skin tone. According to quality & quantity it's a perfect product. I bought it from Thanks for posting Blog :)

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