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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review: LOREAL Pure Zone Exfoliating Gel Wash

Another review for this lovely product!

Truth be told, I used to have the worst kind of skin possible! Face full of acne, tried all sorts of medications and herbal medications and face creams and ointments, but nothing suited my skin. It just got worse and worse. It got to a point where I stopped using everything and just used water, not even soap or facewash. Just washed my face with water, and yeah it might sound disgusting, but I dunno it did the trick! My skin got better with just water! 

After awhile a friend told me about this product! LOREAL's Exfoliating facewash. This facewash was literally a MIRACLE in a bottle! With this my skin got better and acne started to get better, and I was feeling amazing!

I purchased a bottle for myself, it's very easily available in any market. I got mine from Mottas on Shahbaz Commercial!

 As you can see below, this is a gel that has these baby blue microbeads that really scrub each pore on your face and take off any impurities,oil, dirt etc. 

 It has a really nice fragrance too! The first thing I do when I open the bottle is smell it :P It's very refreshing and.. clean! That's the best word to describe the smell :P 

My relationship with this bottle ;)

* Well, like I said earlier, this was a miracle in a bottle for me. Being a teenager I was really in a horrible state of mind with my acne  and when puberty is doing horrible things to you, everything is a big deal, especially the way you look :P 
So for me, it did wonders. I felt that anything I use would be too harsh for my skin, so honestly, I started using this once a week. But with just the first wash I could feel the difference! You know how sometimes you hear people say "ah! my skin can finally breathe!" I finally understood what that meant after using this :P I use this on alternate days, and I am more than satisfied with it!
* I have never had a facial done, and whenever I go to a parlour, they tell me to get a facial as they can literally see blackheads on my face. After using this product, the blackheads were gone! Well there were a couple, but nothing visible! 
One drawback was that, in winters especially, it did leave my skin dry so I had to moisturize after using this.

How I use this:
I take a coin-size amount on my hand, add a drop or two of water, and gently scrub my face in a circular motion. Then I just wash my face with cold water and pat my face with a towel.

 Well this is what I'm rating it! 
Guys, honestly, I have not loved any facewash more than this one!
I say, do give it a try!

1) It cleansed off any dirt and oil on my face.
2) Left my skin baby soft
3) Reduced blackheads drastically!
4) Helped prevent acne
5) Feels refreshing and nice and cool! :P

So everyone, if you oily skin, if you have acne or blackheads, this is definitely the product for you!

If you have this product and want to share your opinion, let me know below!
Feel free to comment! I love reading your comments :D



  1. Thats a really amazing face wash, i am on my 3rd bottle now. It does what it claims!

    1. Same! I love it! <3 Thanks for commenting!

    2. This face wash short in pakistan. If any one know where to buu. Then plz rpl

    3. This face wash short in pakistan. If any one know where to buu. Then plz rpl

  2. Replies
    1. I don't remember exactly dear, but it's around 7-800 Rupees!

  3. umm heyyy I've had pimples and pores and mu acne is not tht severe but :( i really want to get clear skin and now i started using this gel wash :) and im too scared whether i will get more pimples :( well can i get sum information about it :) please :) BYE !

    1. Hello!
      I'm glad you started using this gel wash, I have oily skin so it really helps with my skin. I would suggest you to try it out first! Don't use it everyday, start with just alternate days or a few times in a week, if it suits you then stick with it! :D
      I hope this was helpful, I've given all the information I could in this blog post so do read up! :)

    2. heyyy thnkx for replying annd im stil 14 and i got pimples early :( annd i wanna get rid of it and i started sing it and i kinda see good results :) annd i have marks on my face i guess the pimple marks can i get a solution for this i soo badly wanna get a clear skin on my face plzzz help me :( :) and thnkx again TC! :) :) :)

  4. hi, ive been looking for this for years now since i left dubai :( im in singapore now and theres nowhere i can find it you know any site online where i can buy this? Thanks..

  5. hi there I m using this product since last 10 years now i m unable to find it kindly suggest me from where i can purchase that. my location is karachi, but i will go anywhere to buy this product

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