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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Guest Post: Review of Bath and Body Works body lotion – Into The Wild (by Beauty Redefine)

Guest Post: 
Review of Bath and Body Works body lotion 
 "Into The Wild"
 (by Beauty Redefine)

Hello Ladies,

I loved the overwhelming response on my Nail art Guest post so i decided to come up with one review post.

So Today i am going to review my favourite body lotion from the Signature Collection of Bath and Body Works – Into The Wild. I must say I am a hoarder as far as body lotions are concerned and Bath & Body works is one of my most favorite brand when it comes to lotions. I tried its EDT perfume and immediately was in love with the smell so wanted to grab my hands on this amazing lotion and i can easily call this one is my new found love.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Guest Post : Maybelline's Eye Studio Master Smoky Pencil in "Smoky Chocolate" by Anam Bilal

Guest Post : Maybelline's Eye Studio Master Smoky Long wearing Shadow-Pencil in "Smoky Chocolate".
by Anam Bilal
Brief introduction:
hey i am anam and i have recently completed and i share the same passion as you all that 

is of makeup. I love makeup and shopping and reading. I hope to a make a blog of my own

 one day 

Hello my beautiful ladies!This is my first guest post for Naimal. It all started a few days back when she asked her followers to do a guest post on her blog since she is busy with her eid shopping. The idea clicked me at once because being a makeupholic i wanted to share my views so thank you Naimal for giving me this platform :D

Enough of the blabbling now coming to the point, today i am going to review Eye Studio Master Smoky Long wearing Shadow-Pencil - Smoky Chocolate.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Guest Post : Nail Art Tutorial by Shumaila from Beauty Redefine

Nail Art Tutorial
 Shumaila from Beauty Redefine

Hi gorgeous readers! 
I am back once again with a FANTASTIC nail art tutorial, thanks to the talented Shumaila Jaffer from  Beauty Redefine! Isn't that so sweet of her? She prepared two guest posts for me! Thanks SO much sweety! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this gorgeous tutorial! It looks tough right? But she makes it sound SO simple! I hope you enjoy! ^.^