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Friday, August 2, 2013

Guest Post : Nail Art Tutorial by Shumaila from Beauty Redefine

Nail Art Tutorial
 Shumaila from Beauty Redefine

Hi gorgeous readers! 
I am back once again with a FANTASTIC nail art tutorial, thanks to the talented Shumaila Jaffer from  Beauty Redefine! Isn't that so sweet of her? She prepared two guest posts for me! Thanks SO much sweety! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this gorgeous tutorial! It looks tough right? But she makes it sound SO simple! I hope you enjoy! ^.^

Hello fellows :)
Its fun time :) So are you ready for nail art tutorial :) but before I start my tutorial I must tell you, I am not ready to be pleased so easily when it comes to nail art so you might find few steps are not necessary or could easily be avoided. yes u can avoid any step you want :) because its your art and its your choice. So, here I go:

1- Paint your nails with any light color (i painted pink)
2- Take ur black polish n nail art brush and start by drawing a C like shape.
3- Draw free style petals. its ok if its not perfect.
4- Draw leaves here n there n connect it with a line.
5- Now the fun part begin. Paint your flower with red
6- Paint your leaves green
7- Paint the center of flower yellow
8- I wanted to give my art a bit more definition so I took my neon yellow n drew some lines on my flower and leaves. you can totally skip it
9- To make it more color ful and bright i drew some red dots in the center of yellow part n randomly on my nails.
10- Seal it with a top coat.
  Final look:

PS :Here I am not using any off the shelf Pink as my base color. I mixed red and pink in my white polish to create this shade. You can always mix and match your paint to get your desired color :)

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial let me know in the comments below if there is any design or tutorial or pattern you would like me to share. and if you try this design please share your art with me. I will love to see yours :) 

Isn't that amazing? Who wouldv'e thought this could be so easy to do!
Do try it out :)

Thanks once again Shumaila, that was really generous and sweet of you!
She is really talented everyone, do check out her blog and page, and show her some love! <3



  1. Love it do more nail stuff :)

  2. Such a lovely design! Shumaila, you are very talented! :) x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  3. Thanks for the love ladies! I'm sure she really appreciates it! :D

  4. thank you girls for showing me so much love :)

  5. She did do a greatjob, I completely agree with you ladies :)


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