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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Guest Post : Maybelline's Eye Studio Master Smoky Pencil in "Smoky Chocolate" by Anam Bilal

Guest Post : Maybelline's Eye Studio Master Smoky Long wearing Shadow-Pencil in "Smoky Chocolate".
by Anam Bilal
Brief introduction:
hey i am anam and i have recently completed and i share the same passion as you all that 

is of makeup. I love makeup and shopping and reading. I hope to a make a blog of my own

 one day 

Hello my beautiful ladies!This is my first guest post for Naimal. It all started a few days back when she asked her followers to do a guest post on her blog since she is busy with her eid shopping. The idea clicked me at once because being a makeupholic i wanted to share my views so thank you Naimal for giving me this platform :D

Enough of the blabbling now coming to the point, today i am going to review Eye Studio Master Smoky Long wearing Shadow-Pencil - Smoky Chocolate.

Product Details :
Dramatic eyes, smoky eyes that last all day in 2 simple steps. -Ultra saturated pigments glide on in a creamy formula for long-lasting, sultry color. 

For Best Results :
Apply a thick line with the shadow stick. Use Expert Smudger to perfectly blend dark to light. Removes easily with soap and water or with Maybelline Clean Express! Classic Eye Makeup Remover.
Well i have always been in love with the sultry and smoky look  so i purchased it right away as it was introduced in the market without even going through a single review (I am currently going through a makeup hoarding phase). unfortunately, it is such a disappointment  . Its texture is not creamy at all and lean toward a drier texture. It does not smudge and tug but it does not last long either. On my oily lids it stayed up to 3 hours without a primer. It faded after two hours and diminished completely after the fourth hour. For me it is a total waste of money because of its lack of pigmentation.

Why you should buy :
1- You like the brand anyways.
2- You never used a crayon pencil before and its quality does not matter much.
3- You expect it would suit your skin.
4- It is travel - friendly and you can easily carry it in your bag.

Why you should not buy :
1- It does not create that dramatic smoky eye as it claims.
2- It is not pigmented enough.
3- Its price is not justified as compared to its quality.

I bought mine from My favorite online store for Pkr 1000 but it is easily available nationwide at maybelline counters.
I wont repurchase it again and would prefer Eye Studio Master Drama Cream Pencil which is a lot more pigmented and intense and cheaper .

p.s it is my very first review so pardon me for any shortcoming.
What do you think ladies? She doesn't have a blog, but after reading this, I think she'd make a good blogger! :) 
Do comment below!



  1. Great post! VERY in-depth review! Anam would make a terrific blogger! Lol at "does not create the smokey eye it promises" lol!

  2. Wel done Anam :) I think you ll make a great blog xx
    Welcome already :)

  3. great post girl. seriously, is it your first post ? :)(y)

  4. Ah thanx I was going to buy lol but after this nice review I quited lol you have saved me girl :D


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