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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

REVIEW: Sleek Makup blush by 3 - Sugar

My first Sleek purchase :D
Good evening lovelies!
I'm reviewing my first Sleek purchase :D The Sleek Makeup blush by 3 in "Sugar". I was SO excited when I got this! Let's just get down to the review now.

When I got it, my first thought was, it's quite small :P I had a feeling it'd be a bit bigger but oh well, its SLEEK! 

So the casing is quite compact and classy! It' a matte black, although this makes the palette classy, one thing I did not like was that it catches on dust and fingerprints quickly! So it doesn't give much of a neat look  :(

Let's have a look inside!

Pretty no? The top lid of the casing has a mirror on it, which i absolutely LOVE! The size of the blushes are big enough, so I can't complain about its size now :P

The palette consists of three glamorous shades : Turbinado, Muscovado and Demerara (left to right)
Below are some swatches!

Turbinado: This is a warm reddish-pink shade that actually reminds me of berries! Yumm ^.^

Muscovado: A lovely shimmery goldenish bronze shade with a tinge of pink in it! It would look absolutely gorgeous for a night event.

Demerara: This is a much more subtle shade compared to the other two. It looks a bit brown, but once swatched it gives a fresh coral and orange-y touch!

The colors do look a bit harsh, but honestly they're not at all this striking once they're blended properly :)

Let's talk about the pigmentation. It is HIGHLY pigmented, like just a tap with the brush and trust me, you'll have loads on it. So make sure you start off very slow and gradually build the shade. When I was testing it, I took my brush and swirled it around and directly applied it on my cheek, and oh boy, I had a tough time removing it :P 

It lasts a fairly long time. On me it lasted a good 5-6 hours then it started to fade out a bit, which by the way is amazing since I have oily skin! I'm sure if you prime your face first and then set the blush with a setting spray, it'll last you double that time!

Overall, all these shades are really easy to work with as they are blendable and would suit almost every skin shade.

Have I covered everything? I sure hope so :P

Oh I purchased my Sleek palette from Just4girls as soon as they stocked Sleek makeup! :P It cost me Rs.1550.
I hope you enjoyed this little review! If you have any questions, do comment below!



  1. Amazing! Muscovado would look superb on a formal occasion with its sheen! :)

  2. This is a blessing for Asian skin:) I have it in LACE and love it :) Thanks for reviewing:)

  3. I want to pick Lace for me, waiting for it to be in stock :D

    Zubia | The Bedside Dreams

  4. amazing pigmentation! you got the perfect one for asian skin tones. Enjoy it:) xx

  5. Superb review!!! colors looks tempting and pigmentation looks grt thanks for sharing :)

  6. I have my eyes on Pumpkin n Lace bt they ar OFS :(...The last one is pretty here

  7. I got pumpkin, lace, flamingo and coral from just4girls. These blushes are so good for there price.

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  9. Muscovado looks absolutely gorgeous but its a tough shade to pull off, I'm not usually that daring with my blushes so I hardly ever get attracted to Sleek blushes except for their rose gold. Which one is your favorite from the palette? - Sarah A.

    1. All three shades are actually beautiful! Initially, I though the same, that I'd NEVER be able to pull off these shades! But like I said, they're not at all harsh once you blend. Just take a really really small amount!
      Muscovado is infact my favourite, because it gives such a beautiful bronzey look with a bit of pink in it ;)
      I'd recommend it to you if you hvent tried it out! Out of all their blush by 3 palettes, this is in my opinion the only one which has shades suitable for our asian skin tone :)

    2. Haha Naimal your such an enabler - I'm so tempted to try this shade now! Your right though, the key is to keep a light hand but I am guilty of overdoing my blush on more than a few occasions - I just get carried away :D Btw I'm glad you'd mentioned that it is smaller than you thought it would be because it does look pretty big in the pictures - wish more bloggers would comment on it or show the product against a scale/their hand so you get an idea about how much your getting because I can't translate grams into actual product size in my head!

    3. Haha yeaay buy it!! :D
      I do plan to take a pic measuring the size of the palette! Hmm i'll update this review for sure now! Thanks! <3

  10. i love sleek blushes, so uber pigmented, Turbinado looks so gorgeous! :) x

    The Fashion Personal Blog

  11. Hi,

    found your blog via twitter - #bbloggers

    glad i did! new follower

    come and check out mine if you'd like to :)

  12. Awesum palette ..
    Demorara is my fav shade <3

  13. hey girl, I've nominated your for the Liebster Award!

  14. hi naimal. followed your blog. check out mine

  15. i just bought it online yesterday. waiting for the palattes. fame and sugar.

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