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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What type of foundation should i use?

What type of foundation should i use for my skin type? 

This is a common question that I am sure all of you have pondered on for so long. I sure have, trust me! 

This questions answer lies in what kind of a skin type are you? I have seen many who have oily skin, that's more acne prone btw, and dry skin who just moisturize all day! Some, like me, have a mixture of both! Most parts of my face are very oily and I just feel the need to wash my face all the time as whenever I go out, I feel there's like a layer of dirt all over my face! While some parts, like around my nose, or between my eyebrows, it gets really dry.

So for this, you need to understand the basic skin types!

1) Oily/acne-prone skin: 
    * Before applying any sort of makeup or foundation or even sunblock, you should always start by using a good face wash that thoroughly cleanses your pores and removes any sort of dirt on your face! ( Pro-tip : never wipe your face dry! always pat it dry or preferably let it dry on its own, water is always good for your skin!)
    * I would suggest to not use any sort of liquid foundations for you as it will either just slide off or you'll have a really shiny face! Even if you use powder to set it, you will definitely be shiny shiny! :P 
    * Go for powdered foundations! They are available in loose powder form or in a pressed powder form, although this doesn't give heavy coverage, but you have a concealer for that job!
    * Taking care of oily and acne prone skin: Wash your face with water all the time! If you are very acne prone, the best solution is water, not even all those fancy acne face wash. I've had acne all my teenage life, and water did the trick for me!

2) Dry skin:
    * The first thing you should do before applying any foundation is apply a good moisturizer. That would help any sort of foundation stay on your face.
    * Whether to use a liquid foundation or powdered foundation is really upto you. If you think a moisturizer can do the trick and your face wont get dry, then you can use powdered foundation. However, if you don't want flaky spots on your face, then use a liquid foundation. (Pro-tip: to save time, mix your liquid foundation with your moisturizer and then apply all over face to save time.)
    * Taking care of dry skin: Moisturize your face by investing in a good moisturizer   Also drink lots of water. You know how all your moms and grand-moms say drink water? well trust me, they are right! I have figured that out the long way :P

These are basically the two types of skin we have, although it can be a combination as well. After deciding what type of skin type you are, go on to choosing the correct foundation type.

In our market, and with the makeup industry flourishing, we can see all sorts of different foundations and different brands of foundations! From liquid to powdered to creams etc..

Liquid foundation: This sort of foundation is very easily available in different brands. Its best used if you have dry skin. Depending on the foundation, the coverage can vary from light or heavy.

Cream foundation: This can provide heavy coverage but if used incorrectly, your face can look cakey!

Powdered foundation: This is best for oily skin and provides a matte finish. It usually provides very light coverage, but it can also be used after apply liquid foundation to set the overall look providing a matte finish.

Stick foundation: This sort of foundation provides extremely heavy coverage. Its usually used for models or the people in our media or even our Pakistani brides since they have to sit under all these lights and they don't want their makeup melting on their big day! I would suggest using this sort of foundation as a concealer rather than a foundation as it gives really good coverage.

So ladies, I hope you liked my guide and I hope it helped you in some way! If you still have any questions, comment below :)



  1. Could you please recommend a brand for the oily/acne-prone skin?
    and how do i choose what shade to use?

    1. Sweety, honestly speaking I would recommend you to try and avoid foundations if you have acne-prone skin. However, if you really must use a foundation, I would recommend investing in a good foundation so it doesn't break out on your skin type!
      I like to use Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation, I recently bought it and I'm loving it so far! I have acne-prone skin as well, so not all products suit me. Do try this one out if you're not on a budget :)

      For finding the right shade, find 3 colors of the foundation that you think are the closes to your skin type. Try them out on you cheek! not arm, not the back of the hand, but your cheek, For example, what I like to do is, I take a few shades that i think are my color and apply streaks of it on my cheek and lightly blend it in. Then I go walk around and what not, later on i go back and check which one has settles in the best on my skin and looks natural. That's how I know my shade, so give it a try :)

    2. Great thanks alot
      yeah i think i'm going to walk on my sister's steps,who also has an acne-prone skin and use Chanel foundation,it's the best a person can get:D

    3. Oh yes, nothing beats Chanel foundation!

  2. Hiii i have another question,i dint know where to ask but anyways
    my skin is crazy oliy,VERY VERY OILY
    it gets oily in an hour,not much my cheeks but my nose and forhead tend to get extremely oily
    i use foundation like very SOMETIMES
    i dont know the last time i used it,like never
    i want some kind of home remedy,to lessen it
    thannks:) x

    1. Hello :)
      Trust me,I know exactly how you feel! And I have tried LOADS of home remedies, but nothing seemed to control it for long. It would help a few hours fter using it, but the next day, i'd be back to a shiny face! Here's what sort of helped me a bit:
      1) take oatmeal, add a few drops of water to it to make a paste. This acts s an exfoliator, so scrub your face with it and then wash it off/
      2) Apply yoghurt on your face and let it sit for about 10 minutes or until it dries, then wash it off. This hydrates your skin.
      3) Apply honey on your face for 10 minutes, this acts like a moisturiser for your face and gives your face a nice glow.

      Try these out, I hope this helped. Honestly it wrked a bit for me. The oatmeal didn't suit my skin, so please be careful using it! Try it out first!

      Loreal Pure Zone exfoliating gek wash helped my skin and controlled my oilyness a lot. It's review is here:
      That and Clean nd Clear's Oil control toner. Use that too!
      I hope this helped :)

    2. oatmeal and honey,its hard enough to eat them:p lol
      but thanks for the tips i will surely try them out and let you know
      btw what face wash do u use?
      i have been using clean and clear(the yellow one) for a while and it has helped a bit..

    3. I use Neutrogena's Oil-Free acne face wash in grapefruit, yum! :D
      No problem :)

  3. heyy listen.when putting oatmeal on the face,its the same how we eat it right?
    and can u suggest something for my sis?
    she went to the beach,and this is the first time she actually got tan,it never happens but this time it did and she can see dead skin coming off of her face,it looks horrible
    she really needs help :p
    i'll tell her abt the oatmeal aswell as she needs to exfoliate her skin,right?
    thankss:) x

    1. Well you get these oatmeal flakes, I usually use those since they go soft once theyre wet!
      Ooh sunburn/tan! Many people suggested me Aloe Vera for the burn or tan area but Aloevera never suited me, it gave me a rash! So you've to be careful with it. Although it does suit many!
      My treatment for a sun tan was tomatoes! I mash up a tomato, and apply that on the area! It really helped me, so I would definitely recommend doing that :)
      I think using oatmeal alone would be a bit harsh for her sensitive burn area, so maybe after that apply yogurt on her face, so it cools down :)

  4. i have another question :p
    im sorry but i have so many of them and ur stuff is veryy helpful :D
    i have an oily/acne prone skin so should i use a misturizer?
    i read in some places that ppl with such skin should not
    and could u recommend something for marks of acne left,their not marks actually but theres this sort of roughness :/
    and something for dark circles aswell
    thanksss naimal :D x

    1. Oh my gosh, how did i not see this comment! Sorry for the late reply!

      Well I have oily skin and I dont feel the need to use a moisturiser during the summer. In winters, yes my skin gets dry so I LOVE to use Vitamin E capsules :)

      I am currently trying out a product for my blemishes and skin roughness and all, if it works out, I will definitely review it sooon! I have just started using it for a few days so I can't comment on it much. I'll recommend it to you if it suits me :)

      Tip for dark circles: Applying crushed coffee to your dark circles and letting it sit for about 10-15 minutes, really helps in making them go away!


  5. i like it so much,i have oily skin,but i want to use ur liquid foudation,how can i do?

  6. Is there anything U can suggest for puffy eyes?

  7. What shade are u in bourjois

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