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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

~Silver and Purple smokey eye ~

I do not know why, but I just LOVE this combination. I really do. I tried a bit of a different look, I really hope you like it!

Here we go! Let's begin:

Step One:

Prime your eye-lid! Use a concealer or primer. Here, I am using a concealer.

Step Two: Take a soft black pencil, that can be easily smudged, and make a "V". Join the outer corner of the upper lash line to the crease. I extended this line to almost 3/4th of my crease line, as I will be smudging it in the next step.

Step Four: Take a brush, I took a pointed fluffy brush, and  mix together a warm brown and a dark purple shade. Smudge the black line in a sideways motion, as shown in the pic, all the way to the inner corner.

Step Four: Take an orange on your brush, and make a thin line just above the crease line that you have smudged. Then take a clean brush, and blend this orange line sideways and upwards.

Step Five:

Take a shimmery white on a brush and use it as a highlighter on your browbone.

Step Six: Take a dark purple shade on a fluffy brush, and intensify the crease line. Make sure you blend in a sideways and upwards motion, staying above the crease line at all times. I also took the same shade and applied it on my lower lashline.

Step Seven: Pat a silvery grey shade on the eyelid, in the area that was bare. Stay below the crease line.

Step Eight: Line your upper lashline and bottom lashline. I created two small wings in this look. 

Step Nine: Take the white color you used as highlighter on the browbone, and make a line between the two wings that you created. You could also use a white pencil to make this line.
Step Ten: Fill your upper and lower waterline with a black pencil or kajal.

Step Eleven: Apply false lashes, and mascara.

And we're done! The look is complete :)

I hope you like it ladies!
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  1. Replies
    1. Thankyou lovely Nayab!It means a lot coming from you! :D

  2. Lovelyy ..u made it so easy.gud job

  3. Wow! LOVE it. <3
    P.S. Did you take makeup classes from someone? xx

    1. Thankyouu Rabeeyah!
      I have always been doing makeup but I recently took a course from the talented, Anam Falak! I plan to take as many courses as I can because I wish to be a makeup artist :)

    2. Yes, I could see you took classes from her. Techniques are very similar. Btw, I was her student and assistant too :) x

    3. Oh you did?? That's great! :D

  4. i can totally get why u love the looks super pretty and girl you did it so great.its pretty neat and fab.

    PS:dont forget to follow me on bloglovin.i shifted the url and lost ALL my contacts :(

  5. that's a very well explained and nice tutorial. :) xx

    1. Thankyou SOO much! It means A LOT coming from you! :D

  6. you got pretty eyes MA SHAA the way you explained :)

  7. Very glam! I love purple and silver, too!


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