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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Beautiful Blues

Learn how to get this look!

Step One: Prime your eyelid all the way up to your brow.

Step Two: Using a blue eyepencil, line the outer-half of your upper lashline creating a small wing.
Step Three: Smudge the blue line with a dark blue shade on your brush. Blend in a sideways motion, and cover the outer 2/3 of your eyelid.
Also, using the same blue shade, line your bottom lashline.
Step Four: Take a frosty light blue shade, and apply on the inner 1/3 of your eye. Make sure you blend starting from the inner corner, to the outer corner.
Use the same shade to line the inner 1/3 of your bottom lashline.
Step Five: Highlight your browbone with a white eyeshadow. 
Step Six: Line your upper lashline with a black eyeliner.
Step Seven: Apply masacara. Don't forget your bottom lashes!  
And we're done!
I hope you like it! Comment below!


  1. I love you you have blended the pencil and the shadow :D Blue is my favorite color so two thumbs up! <3

    1. Yeaay! Thankyou! :D Do try this look out!


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