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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Review: MUA Mosaic Bronzer in "Sunkissed"

Just recently I bought a few things for my mom from Just4girls, and I got me some lovely lady things! :D This is one of them!

Let me walk you through my experience with this bronzer:

So this comes in a round packaging
and has a nice clear lid which makes it more appealing since you can see the lovely warm shades inside. 

Thoughts so far? Looks special! Can't believe this compact beauty is worth just Rs.450/£2.50!
Let's open it up! :D

MUA came out with 2 shades of the Mosaic Bronzer, Natural Glow which has gold undertones and Sunkissed which has pink undertones. Each bronzer consists of 5 neutral warm shades that mix together and create a lovely shade. I got Sunkissed as it has a pinky tone to it!

Thoughts so far? DYING to try it out!

So i grabbed my brush, and gave it a swirl. 
Thoughts so far? Oh no :( It has fallouts!! 

I used it to contour my jawbone and temple-area.
Thoughts? Oh wow, it has a nice subtle shade that's absolutely perfect for contouring! Pigmentation is great! And I can build up the intensity of the shade by adding and blending! It gives the perfect warm brown shade with a hint of pink, which would work for the daytime as well as night time. 

My thoughts:

Overall, I think this is the perfect bronzer for those who are getting a bronzer the first time and don't want to spend a bucket load of money on just a bronzer. It comes in just Rs.450 on Just4girls and is also easily available on their MUA website for £2.50
I absolutely love the shade, I think it suits my skin really well so I'm really glad I bought it :D 
I'm just not happy with the fallouts, I think that wastes so much of the product :( boohoo. But it's not much of a problem for me so I don't mind. Although if fallout is a no-no for you, then you probably wont be happy with it.
I will definitely recommend it to anyone in search for a good bronzer as this is surely affordable and worth a try!

I hope you were satisfied with this review! If you've used this product and have an opinion, feel free to share it below! :D
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  1. Great review.. Love all the pictures!

  2. Nice post and it looks alot like the one physician's formula have and they are really good :).

  3. hey naimal! thanks for the review! :)

  4. Im dying to have this bronzer. Im eyeing the sunkissed glow.


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