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Friday, June 14, 2013

LOREAL Paris Experts at Dolmen Mall!

Helloo my beautiful ladies!
I was invited to a lovely event at the Karachi's famous, Dolmen Mall, for Loreal's event! 

     Since this was the first time I was formally invited to such an event, I was SUPER excited! :P I was invited to cover this event by LOTUS. All that I share with you in this blog post is my opinion and are my thoughts, and I was not paid to write it! 
          Loreal Paris conducted a guest meet up and a sort of press release for their 8th Mall Animation on the 12th of June 2013. This event is on till the 16th of June, and is open to all, so do go and check it out!! You can go meet beauty experts and ask them for advice,and they will answer any queries for free! They have Dr. Khilji (a dermatologist), Dr. Ujala Zia ( a cosmetologist, also the owner of the famous Dressing Table), Peng Qureshi ( a beauty expert) and Saba Ansari ( a makeup expert and owner of the well-known Sabz). Not only this, but have free make-up sessions from Sabz, free BB cream makeovers, free consultation, on spot nail makeovers, and 15% off on ALL Loreal products! Pretty cool right? 
     So the event was going to start by 6, but I reached around 5:30 with my mother and my grandma :P Yeah I was pretty excited :P But, it was all empty -.- The event started late, but the place looked wonderful! They had the entire place set up! It looked greaat! They had a seating area for the guests and a mini-ramp for a little fashion show that was going to take place.
     In this event they also announced the first Anti-aging BB cream and had the beauty experts talk about it! What did they say? Honestly, I had no idea :P I mean I would love to know what they were saying but the mic system was horrible! No one understood a word anyone was saying on the mic :P  
This was the set for the 4 makeup looks that Sabz had created featuring 4 famous designers.
We were all handed a flyer/booklet "FYI". It covered the basics of the entire event! After all the talk that no one understood :P there was a makeup and fashion presentation by Sabs! She came out with 4 super amazing makeup looks for this Summer/Spring, that I'm absolutely dying to try, feautring famous designers who created exclusive collections inspired by each makeup look! There was LE SMOKY by Deepak Perwani, LE SHOCKING by Sadaf Melattere, LE GLAMOUR by Sana Safinaz, and LE SENSUAL by Shehla Chatoor.

The four make-up looks

A bunch of pictures I took during the show, my camera died so I had to use my phone! :P
The photo credits for the following pictures goes to DRAGONFLY.

               Moazzam Ali Khan                                              Aale Mowjee
       GM(Consumer Products Division)                           Loreal Paris Beauty Advisor

          Dr. Khilji                              Dr. Ujala Zia                         Peng Qureshi

Saba Ansari doing her magic!




Video screening for the introduction of their Anti-aging BB cream.

As you can see, all the models looked STUNNING! the makeup, the clothes, just wow! Out of all four looks, I'd have to say Le Glamour was my favourite! :D What do you think is yours?

Check out their facebook fanpage:
And find out more about the event here:

Go with your friends or family, get free makeovers!! :P And share your experience with me :)

Until next time ladies!


  1. nice event coverage yeah i like Le glamour look too, ohh and i love aale mowjee's outfit :)

    1. Thankyou! Yes she looked absolutely gorgeous!

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      Keep up the good work

    3. Aww thankyou!! <3 I will definitely pass it on :D Thankyou SOOO much! Means a lot :D

  2. Seems like it was a great fun event. x

    1. Oh yes it was definitely a lot of fun! :D

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