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Monday, March 3, 2014

Loreal Professionnel "Glossy Girls" Event

Hello everyone! 
Today I'm here to share with you my thoughts and my experience with Loreal Prefessionnel's much raved over product, DIA Richesse and DIA Light.
So keep reading to find out more! :D

I was invited to this event and didn't think much of it at first to be honest :P I thought maybe it was just a simple product launch so I would get a briefing and I'd go home :P But it turned out to be something much better :D I was invited to Loreal Professionnel Academy for the event, and was kinda looking forward to it since I couldn't attend the last event that was held there, and it looked SO pretty in pictures! It actually is a decent place that had a sort of a relaxed environment, here are some pictures :

The pretty shades for hair coloring

If you are on Facebook and are following their Facebook page you would know that they were holding a DIA Richesse Mocha Mania campaign. 

What is DIA?
Dia is an in-salon hair glossing service. There is DIA Richesse and DIA Light.

DIA Richesse: "Ammonia-free color with up to 70% white hair coverage on base shades.  Rich, deep reflects and exceptional softness.  Ideal for natural or colored hair with up to 70% white hair. Improved alkaline demi-permanent technology that is ideal for natural or colored hair covering first white hair."
DIA Light: "Our 1st acid tone-on-tone colour. Luminous reflects with ultimate shine and condition. Ideal for coloured/sensitised hair."

The campaign was held because DIA Richesse launched 4 more shades that are inspired by mocha, hence the funky name! These 4 colors are so tempting and so close to natural hair, that it's perfect for people like me who want to experiment with hair but don't want a drastic change.
How long is the process?
The setting for the product was actually pretty quick, like a maximum of 20 minutes, where as other hairdyes take much more time to set. The overall process of application and setting and washing took around 30-40mins.

How long does this last?
Almost 1-2 months, depending on the texture of your hair

My experience:
Me along with another blogger, Hana Faisal from Fashion and Beauty Infinity were invited to the event. I was the first one to arrive so I was briefed about the product by their Hair expert, who was very sweet and cooperative. She asked me if I wanted to just add shine to my hair or if I wanted a slight color change. I was a bit scared to get my hair dyed to be honest, I didn't want to damage my hair or anything but I knew I was in good hands! So I decided to step a bit out of my comfort zone and decided to go with a violet shade. Yes it sounds crazy but it was basically black, just had a tinge of violet in it, trust me it isn't bad! Wait for the pictures :P

Here are a few pictures of the process:

The lovely Hair expert and I


Hana Faisal and I

Okay so you can't see much of a difference in these pictures but my hair really was glossy! I tried taking a few more pictures myself, I hope you can see the difference :P

And here is the slight tint of violet that is only visible under broad daylight:

Overall I was really happy with the product, it gave me shine, glossy-ness, healthy-looking hair with a tint of color - exactly what the Hair expert had said the product would do. My hair felt really soft and silky and I honestly couldn't stop playing with my hair! This was a great event for a great product, and I would definitely recommend it to people like me who feel they want a bit of change and want healthy-looking, glossy hair. Thankyou Loreal for inviting me and giving me a chance to try out this product :D
If you want to know more about the product they used on my hair, click here.

And guess what? along with me and Hana, we had a Loreal Professionnel fan with us who won the same treatment! So do follow them on facebook if you want to win some exciting prizes from their upcoming campaigns :) 

All photo credits go to Loreal Professionnel, thankyou for the pictures! More pictures of the event are up on their page so do check those out too!

Until next time girls <3
Naimal H


  1. Amazing look lovely.....xoxoxo....:)

  2. hey naimal u look awsome and can u tell me which saloon is this???

    1. Hi Emaan!

      This was done at the Loreal Professional Academy, but it is available at any salon!
      I'd recommend using their Salon locator on their fb page to find out where you can get it done from near you :)

  3. I like the hair stylist hair .
    I think i saw you in the club do have the membership in dacc ?

    1. YES I AM! Next time you see me, do say Hi! :D

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