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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Make-up Tutorial: The Mermaid Queen

Good day girlies! I hope you are all safe and doing well :)

Since I was home all day today, I got bored! And I think we all know what bloggers do when they are bored, they prepare fun posts for their fans! :D
I did exactly the same. I created for you all, a make-up look that anyone can pull off for a costume party or halloween! The Queen of the Sea - A Mermaid!

So here we go:

1) After priming your eye lid, take an icy shimmery green on your brush and apply it on your eyelid.
2) Take a vibrant shade of yellow, preferably a shimmery yellow, and apply it in the inner corner of your upper and lower lashline.  Extend this shade up towards your browbone.

3) Line half of your lower lash line with a light blue eye pencil.
4) Take a shade similar to the eye pencil you used and smudge the line that you created.
5) Extend the same shade of blue from the outer corner of your eye to the crease and blend it in the yellow!

6) Line your water line with a white eye pencil.
7) Use a shimmery shade of white as highlighter on your browbone.
8) Apple a few coats of mascara and pop on some lashes!

I added a bit of sequence to complete my look! 

Unbranded 120 Color palette
Boots Stay perfect eyeshadow in "Pacific Green"
The eye pencils I have used are some random pencils my mom had (I'm pretty sure she got the fake ones :P)
Maybelline One by One Volume Express Mascara

Garnier BB cream for combination to oily skin
Essense Circus Circus Highlighter
I used a purple eyeshade as a blush ^.^

Rimmel Lipstick in Nude Delight
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Icy Violet"



I curled my hair for this look, and tried the "chalk-dye" method for two strands of my hair! I went for an aqua blue, what do you guys think?

I hope you all enjoyed this look, and feel free to send me your versions of mermaids! :D



  1. Whoa stunner, this is a gorgeous look! ♥

  2. You have got skills girl :) i have got my eyes on Rimmel nude delight for so long,it's gna be my next buy now gorgeous.

    1. Thanks! Yes I really like the Rimmel's lipstick! It's creamy and this has been MY nude lip shade for the longest time ever, do get it :)

  3. wow this is simply amazing.I love the way you have used the colors and oh the strand of completes the look perfectly :D Thumbs up

  4. So funky and colorful! Amazing job, Naimal. x

  5. Omg! For the past couple of days I was thinking about mermaids as well since I painted my nails aqua and turquoise and here is an entire mermaid makeup tutorial! The look is absolutely stunning and so creatively put together yet so easy to follow - mad props to you! Love the chalked hair and pearls - if I could pull of a mermaid costume without looking offensive I would definitely try this look sometime! Btw I'm in the market for a new nude lipstick - are you happy with Rimmel Nude Delight? - it looks like it would go great layered underneath nudey pink glosses. - Sarah A.

    1. Thanks so much! :D
      I am really happy with this shade as not all nude shades suit me, so far this is what i like best :) Do give it a try! I've paired it with a bit of a champagneish pink shade here though!

  6. thats just amazing...all you need it a fishtail instead of legs :) x

  7. OMG Naimal you are getting awesomer and awesomer!!! <3 LOVE this!

  8. cutest mermaid i have seen so far <3

    I love your false lashes. Which brand it is?

    Btw , what do you use for your feature images. I just love your collages

    Nida's Beauty Bag!!

  9. Your eyes are fantastic!!

  10. This is beautiful! :) Great post lovely! Now following :)

    Stacey x

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  12. I love how you with the blue and yellow eye shadows. Great mermaid look :)


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  14. You are so great at your arts!
    You should play in some video of some musicians.

  15. So pretty!!!!!

    Tagged you on my blogpost too btw. check it out!

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  17. You look beautiful and the makeup is on point!

    Check my blog I do make up looks too!!

  18. Gosh that's beautiful!! You are one talented chic <3

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