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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sponsered Post by Shaheen Chisti : Women’s Mix & Match - Floral Prints in Pakistani Dresses this Season 2013

Hello gorgeous ladies! I am here today with a different sort of a post for you! :D 

Thanks to Shaheen Chisti for this contribution! Really appreciate it!

 Women’s Mix & Match - Floral Prints in Pakistani Dresses this Season 2013

It would be wrong to conspire or brag on a brand with its new arrivals. But let’s continue with a few indications for summer trends that we essentially need. Summers allow relishing coral orange, or beige colors and on the other hand, floral prints for grabbing attention the most. Even though lawn prints could be tricky at times to choose I believe. Perhaps choosing something out of fashion apparently is creativity these days.

Far better is to induce in matching prints front of the mirror for your own taste of fashion. It sorts of develops with time, I suppose. Oversized silhouette that’s thrown out of the way seems to add more comfort to flaunt around. In summers, floral prints tend to be endearing and warmly welcoming for others before you throughout your day.

Usually they emerge in this season, making quite an appearance through accessories & footwear other than clothing. Otherwise, call it a fashion disaster, but floral ensemble makes you look younger for some reason with all the bling bling.

Super trendy, best looking wearable in spring, floral prints also come along with polka-dots; a neutral print defines the matching variation for the other. The rule is about pairing a neutral print with something more elaborate, as in this case we could bring ’polka-dots’ considered neutral. Trending & intricate, the splashy floral dresses possess urbanely chic style – is assuredly making its way as a street style too.

And if you wonder about the accessories, they abet in making an overall statement of yourself. Yet, it’ll definitely be subtle! Try using a floral umbrella or floral wayfarer (sunglasses) to add extra girly charm there.
Meanwhile, designer women kurtis are emerging as second bestselling category among online clothing websites. That includes printed kurtis for women with floral prints, which are definitely worth deserving second looks. With selected embroidery done on quality fabrics including chiffon, blended cotton, georgette, these are pretty for casual wear, in my opinion.

However, style up your appearance matching them with white churidar pajama or a trouser – whichever suits you best.

Try to find a pair of wedged heels in your closet to pair them up, bringing more elegance to your casual attire.

Ramadan shopping couldn’t be done more conveniently rather than ordering through online shopping from Pakistan. In fasting, it is included (logically atleast) to save your body nutrition until twilight to pass a day’s work out. Therefore, me thinks it is hassle free - with peace of mind – ordering online this season for Eid. What’s your take on that? Not even when International Shipping is also offered in this package?

Let’s leave you with that question for a twist!

Good day!

Author Bio:
The writer currently blogs & publishes on fashion clothing & reviews on Pakistani dresses. Also, Fatima Tabbani expertly informs local & foreign audiences on e-commerce topics & marketing scopes that involve writing more on online shopping from Pakistan.


This was the lovely post on the latest trends! I hope you found this informative :)

You can find Daraz on their site :
As well as on their facebook page :

Have you shopped from them before? How was your experience? Do let me know in the comments below! :)



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